Monday, June 3, 2013


Bryan's sister Sarah married the love of her life on Friday, May 10th in the Windy City... and that's exactly what it was... so so windy!!! It was a beautiful day and the start of an exciting new chapter for the Dreier family. Bryan and I were honored to stand beside them and thankful for a little getaway too! 

Buddies ♥

Each day is a playdate for these two sweet friends.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Photo Book

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A few from February

February came and went in a heartbeat so it seems!  Below are a few pictures from a couple highlights of our month. 
My mom celebrated a big birthday and lucky for us we got to celebrate at our house.  Campbell (the sprinkles) and I (everything else) made her a white cake with white frosting as requested.

Happy birthday Mom!  The big 6-0 shhh!
 Bryan and I were able to sneak away the next night.  Look at these pictures of their goodbye... fair to say pure love, pure joy!

pure joy

look how happy they all are!

look at Sam's look of love
Campbell and Harper have been having great, great days together lately.  They are goofy, smart, sweet girls.  Each day they play well individually, as the two of them and also as the three of us.  We couldn't be more thankful Harper spends her days at our house.  She is such a sweet girl and the two of them are doing wonderful learning and growing together!

common sight... smiles and babies... I'm so lucky this is my everyday

our happy girl
 These two make Bryan and I so very proud.  They are two of the very best kiddos you could find.  They love each other, fill the room with laughter and joy and are changing so quickly. 


she's getting better with cameras!

they are the best.
 This picture was supposed to be up above but pretty cute to end the post with this... many years of birthday love under their belts.  Many more to come!
they love.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Unofficial Tour

A few friends have asked to see pictures of our house for a while now so here are some I randomly took yesterday. Nothing fancy and not much decorating done yet but it feels like home and we are definitely loving it!!!! These are just pictures from my phone so once we get Internet (can't dig when it's this cold so yes we're still waiting) ill work on a few better ones.

Sam's room

Campbell's room

kid's bathroom

looking at the front entryway- Campbell's new kitchen is still out there temporarily

living room

looking into the dining room

we're ready for spring!


master bath

our closet- keeping the kids everyday clothes in here too while I do all the clothing work- LOVE it!

frozen and waiting to be played on!

mudroom- another FAVORITE space for sure!



pantry and mudroom

loving the unfinished basement!

two future bedrooms with daylight windows (school stuff and guest room currently)

future bathroom (with the boxes) and under the stairs storage/play

finally all of our junk under one roof!